Span – Structural Outreach

Platform: Materials Technologies Robotics (MTR)

Related Staff : Ulrich Kirchhoff

Students: Fan Taiwen, Lai Chu Tung Jetson, Lau Nicholas Clarence, Lee Sum Yu, Starygina Svetlana, Wong Ho Yuk, Yang Shuzhi, Cheung Hoi Wang, Li Geng, Ng Ka Chun, Wang Hongyu

Studio name: Architecture & Urban Design

Materials Technologies Robotics

Central Waterfront
To explore the structural reach between the city and the waterfront.

Architectural space and structure are symbiotic in a building. However, structure has become the domain of engineers. It lost its relevance as an imminent design tool for architects. In the contemporary production of architecture, structural models merely solve problems of the shape of architecture. The studio revisits the spatial and design potentials of structure, becoming the driver of concept and space and the therein resulting spatial opportunities. The studio is a single term research and design project. The project is be situated in the Central waterfront. It investigates current issues of spanning the city and propose a new linkage, reaching out from Central to the waterfront. The program is framed in terms of two structurally opposing conditions: A functional program intertwined with a circulation network. The proposed projects are singular spanning structure. The purpose is to explore the structural reach between the city and the waterfront.

The project takes place in three steps:

+ Step1: Site & Issues
+ Step 2: Issues & Prototype
+ Step 3: Prototype & Site

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