Public Toilets

Related Staff : Sebastien SAINT-JEAN

Students: BHOOVARAHAN Subhiksha, CHEN Pin An, HU Yanbing, LAU Ching Yue,, LEE Chi Wing, LEE Hwanseo, LI Yin, MARTINS FERREIRA Sara, MING Xingyu, NAM Mirae, SUNARTA Yongki, TAI Ching Man, YU Long Ting

ARCH2072 – 2018 Spring:  “PUBLIC TOILETS”

Architects make ​things, and one ​key aspect of architectural education is about perfecting the craft of ​making. However, to be more precise, architects take ​decisions ​about making things.  In other words, we must think before we make, and produce a set of instructions that becomes a reality. In this studio we shall explore and learn architecture as ​thinking ​so that what we make in the end represents sets of values and not merely stereotypes.

Hong-Kong’s public toilets will be our common architectural object of interest. We will investigate and scrutinize this seemingly banal utilitarian typology and the relations to its surroundings. The toilet is perhaps the space that is more loaded with innuendos than any other space.  It is small, if not the smallest space, where corporal sensuality and plumbing meets to perform a ritual. We’ll learn that specific subtleties and complexities exist beyond the typical utilitarian purpose. A simple quest of how to deal with solid, liquid, and odor creates a variety of social and technical ramifications in relation to different usages, norms, cultures, systems.  We want to analyze and explore those aspects in the context of Hong Kong within the platform of Living Cities Rural. Three different locations:  City, Rural, In-Between, will be selected as a potential grounds of intervention.

The studio is articulated between investigations, experimentations, iterations, discussions, thoses images represent fragments of this continuous discovery.

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