Project L: Sustainable Design Studio

Related Staff : Stephen Lau

Supervisor: Stephen Lau
Teaching assistants: Dulmini Perera, Fei Xue
Students: Chan Po Yu, Chan Tsz Yiu, Lee Carmen Ka Men, Leung Michelle Tien-yan, Leung Tin Man, Ng Ching Yee, Ting Lok-yung Lawrence Tomos, Wong Gaea Xiao Lei, Wu Yucong, Zhang Mengqiu

The studio focused on what it means for an Architect to think ecologically and sustainably in the context of a real life architectural-planning project in Hong Kong.

The on going real life debate on development vs conservation” concerning the southern portion of Lamma island provided the studio with a unique site and theoretical departure point prompting students  to question prevailing conceptions of Sustainable design, aesthetics, ecology, sustainability, design strategies and green technology and address the concept of “development” in an allegedly radical way.

The students were required not only to “analytically read into” the debate but to empathetically “feel in to” the narratives of the debating parties the developers and the environmentalists as well as the complex natural ecological system of Lamma Island through a series of exercises thereby generating their own design response to the complex ecology of inter relationships and forces of the site. In response a variety of designs and programmes, ranging from a public resource and research facility, visionary housing schemes in the air and the water, and a healing centre and museum space were proposed .

As a whole all proposed schemes attempted to search for architectural responses going beyond technocratic, rational conceptions of identifying nature as an “object” that can be controlled, managed and dominated through Architecture at will to a more “empathetic” encounter that is driven by an urge for reconciliation.

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