Prison + Mall Hybrid?

Related Staff : Fai Au

Student: Tong Ho Yin Samuel

Thesis Abstract

History has shown that the conflicting relationship between Hong Kong and China as the product of accumulated failures, defective communication and interpretative differences. The social movement since June 2019 acted as a trigger for series of protests and violence, and got citizens into the active debates about the future of the city. Challenging the status quo through acts of design and capitalizing upon architecture’s powers of anticipation to imagine something new, this thesis proposes to create a prison and mall hybrid, which responds to issues of high demand of imprisonment and the increasing retail activities near Hong Kong/Shenzhen boarder. The hybrid places prisoners and mainland shoppers side by side, providing spaces for both parties to meet and interact, expressing views in a secured way, both as surveyor and spectator to each other.

The contradictions and complexities nurtured in this thesis reflect the collective struggles of our time, unprecedented and provocative, radical yet contemporary. The hybrid intervention explores ideas of physical separation versus emotional connections, boundaries, surveillance, and various levels of behaviour control. The research re-assesses prison and mall separately, before combining them to explore the potential of housing both typologies within it. Seeking hybridization through fixed and interchangeable spaces, the modular system allows spaces to unfold naturally, anticipating how prison and mall eventually morph into each other over time. This speculative proposal questions the uncertainties of our time, the anticipation of changes before 2047, and the spatial and emotional connections among different people.

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