Museum of Division: the structure of meaning on levels of abstraction

Related Staff : Koon Wee

Student: Lam Yuk Shui, Francis
Supervisor: Mr. H. Koon Wee

Division is to transfer the whole into parts. ÷ The division symbol. A separation between two. A wall. A slab. Imagine the section of a concrete-frame building, the columns and beams. Imagine a map, with blocks and streets and topography. Division is giving de­finition. The section cut of the building frame and the contour lines of the topography. Division is representation. At the same time.

While conservation of built environment becomes a topic in the city in recent years, the narration of it is largely depending on other forms of media. Movies of Wong Kar-wai, images of Michael Wolf, drawings, text. The responsibility in Architecture seems only to be: not to do anything, and wait for a new program to be injected into the carcass. Maybe it be cafe or hotel or museum of unrelated topic. If Architecture can induce meaning, can we operate on a subject of conservation, like a dissection to a biological specimen, to let it express itself? The project is a series of operations made to a common residential block in To Kwa Wan. The end program of the building includes part of original living, studios, exhibition area, panel space, and lecture room. Through the operations, aspects of the artifact are revealed in itself: section, units, physical structure, and envelope.

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