Museum Boom!

Related Staff : Tom Verebes

Studio: Tom Verebes
Students: Chen Linhui, Cheung Cherie Leona, Chu Shun Lok Adrian, Jin Tonghui, Keung Kai Teng Humphrey, Lau Man Wai Vivian, Law Sung Yan Anna, Lo Yee Yan Michelle Lynn, Luk Adrian, Luo Ran, Wan Shaoran, Zhao Ziqi Kelly

ARCH4001 Architecture & Urban Design 1
MArch 1 Studio
2014-2015 Semester 1

Digital Workshops:
Mohamad Ghamloush, Marshall Ma
Structural Consultants: Ben Luk (Arup Hong Kong)
Curatorial Consultants: Aric Chen (M+ Museum)

In 1949, there were only 25 museums in China. Last year, 451 museums were built in China. The Central Government of China’s current 5 Year Plan is to have 3500 museums built by 2015. The urban implications of the museum building boom in China may be found in the shift from the iso¬lated phenomenon of individuated cultural buildings to design ini¬tiatives which are coordinated and designed as “cultural districts”, thus forming the brief for the studio, for a site to be developed in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

Our design research methodology focused on generating and deploying discernible and legible patterns, towards a set of cor¬related architectural and urban and architectural systems, and the often disjunctive relation of vast interior urbanism of cultural buildings, and their exterior civic territories. The studio confronted the recapitulation of the ornamental in contemporary architectural culture, through searching for unfamiliar affects of a radical expressive architecture. The study of complex, rule-based patterns reveals the increasingly close connection between culture, to what we still call nature.

The semester commenced with two overlapping exercises – one being an analytical research exercise aimed at understanding ex¬isting exemplary cultural districts, their built institutions and civic spaces., and the other which introduced the learning of design tools towards projective design applications, and a second exer¬cise introducing the learning of design tools towards projective design applications. Prior to midterm, students teams took on a first design project, Systemic Masterplanning, followed by a more detailed comprehensive design of one single cultural institution, and its urban field, in the second half of the semester.

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