Architecture Design 5 Studio 2020-21

Related Staff : Fai Au

Students: Bao Yuchen (Jennie), Cheung Cheuk Lam (Cathy), Leung Ming Ha Mariana, Lo Tin Wai Tivian, Luo Bing (Cathy), Mok Ho Weng Jonathan, Tai Hiu Ching (Haylee), Tsai Jui-che (Reiger), Tsoi Tin Shun (Kitty), Wang Xuchen, Zhao Xingyan

Course Description

This studio challenges students to observe, analyze and speculate the past, present and future of municipal service building (MSB), a unique building type in Hong Kong which vertically accommodates a diverse mix of public programs often including wet market, performance venue, library, recreational facilities and hot food center. For the recent years the role of these MSB in Hong Kong has been diminishing as various new forms and operations of public and commercial programs emerge to cater for the changing need of the community.  Apparently the government has stopped developing this building type for more than a decade.

Stage 1 of the project consists of the study on 18 existing MSB buildings which are categorized with three specific site conditions: i) Edge/Island; ii) Sectional/Mountain; iii) Inner/Dense. Students in group of three or four are required to conduct their investigations on the issues of urban context, structure, circulation and programs of the existing MSB.  The research outcome of stage 1 forms the basis for the individual design task at stage 2 – a maximum 3000 square meter of additional space for the existing MSB. Through various ways of architecturally intervening with the existing MSB, students are expected to reinterpret and transform this building type and speculate the future role of civic building at large.

The expected learning outcome of this studio is:

  • To understand design as an ongoing process, not as a product;
  • To develop an ability to use the technical tools associated with contemporary architectural practice;
  • To examine, appreciate and challenge traditional design and thinking processes;
  • To develop and propose new ways of representing architectural concepts verbally, textually, sonically and graphically.


Enlarge Photo: MSB 1Enlarge Photo: MSB 2Enlarge Photo: MSB 3Enlarge Photo: MSB 4Enlarge Photo: MSB 5Enlarge Photo: MSB 6Enlarge Photo: MSB 7Enlarge Photo: MSB 8Enlarge Photo: MSB 9Enlarge Photo: MSB 10