Material Settings

Related Staff : Donn Holohan, Evelyn Ting, Harvey Chung, Holger Kehne, Jason Bond

This course serves as an introduction to architectural design and the design.

Studio – and explores making as an essential component of design. The theme for this first studio is the Table – understood both in its functional and structural terms but also in its cultural value as a place of exchange and community. With a strong emphasis on the collective, this studio introduces and promotes the principles of collaborative learning. Working with tutors, experts and each other, students are immersed in the complex, interrelated problems presented by the city, while simultaneously tackling material and logistic problems related to construction.

Enlarge Photo: Liu Yiran, Lu Shihan, Lo Tin Wai Tivian, Lo Yuet Ching, Lu Lily, Lumley-Smith Dominic JohnEnlarge Photo: Bao Yuchen Jennie, Chan Jasmine Caroline, Cheung Cheuk Lam, Cheung Wing Lam, Chik Chun HeiEnlarge Photo: Chung Shing Fung, Dai Yuchen, Guo Yuhui, Lam See Yui Spencer, Yau Chak LamEnlarge Photo: Tsoi Tin ShunEnlarge Photo: Chau Tsz Yau, Chen ShijieEnlarge Photo: Chau Tsz Yau, Chen Shijie