Making Connections

Architecture Design 1 Studio Fall 2019

Related Staff : Allan Chong, Eike Schling, Elspeth Lee, Ian Tan, Jason Bond, Teresa Lai

Students: BAAS Year 1, 2019 Fall
An Somia, Cai Yijun, Chan Chun Hei, Chan Chun Ngok Osten, Chan Hei Lam, Chan Kwok Hei, Chan Lok Yan, Chang Yin Ching, Chau Mei Yan, Chen Yushan, Cheng Wing Tung, Cheuk Ka Wing, Cheung Ho Ching, Cheung Tsz Kiu Jackie, Chick Kar Yi Priscilla, Chin Kuang Yi, Chow Ho Lam, Chow Wai Yin, Choy Joseph Jan Yip, Chuah Hao Feng, Dun Man Lap Martin, Fan Ka Mak, Fernandes Erika Anna, Foo Kwan Yee, Guo Yue, Ha Yat Ting, Harjono Alicia Angelica, Heung Tsz Kwan, Ho Wan Ching, Hon Ming Rou, Hong Sum Ho, Huang Ming Jin, Hui Yui Gi Catherine, Kan Michael H, Kim Eunsoo, Kim Yechan, Lai See Long, Lau Cin Man Anais, Lee Nip Man Mandy, Lee Sum Yu, Leung Hiu Lam, Leung Hoi Ching, Li Hing Fung, Liang Yan, Liao Tianyao, Liu Chengxi, Liu Sze Chun, Ma Ho Ching, Maliwat Eloisa, Pak Hei Nam, Park Soyeon, Poon Lok Man, Santoso Ivan Ardian, Sek Zin Yee Crystal, Shum Nga Man, Suen Man Jessica, Sun Ziyue, Tam Chin Fung, Tam Ling Shan, Tam Wing Huen, Tse Fergal Yau Wai, Wang Zi Yuan, Wong Chun Yan Oscar, Wong Chung Hei Matthew, Wong Kai Yan Michelle, Wong Nicole Yuk-ting, Wong Ting Fai Wesley, Wong Yan Shun, Woo Man Ho Edwin, Yau Pui Yu, Yu Jia Ning, Zhao Xingyan, Zhu Yalan, Zhuang Shun Ying


Because of the temporary closure of the HKU campus, this design studio was conducted partly online. The use of digital media, referencing and student interaction was incorporated to foster an online studio environment.

The course introduced first semester students to architectural design as a symbiosis of space and structure. This complex task was addressed through theoretical lectures, hands-on workshops, project analysis and presentations, as well as iterative design tasks focusing on conceptual sketching, technical drawing and crafting of models.

The studio was taught using the methodology of research by design, with students interacting and engaging in parallel to creatively investigate a multitude of solutions and share their individual insights.


The studio was taught in 3 blocks, focusing on structure, prototypical design, and media:

In the first exercise ‚structure‘, students were asked to create a 1m timber structure for various support and load conditions. The structures were tested with weight until failure. Their deformation and collapse was documented In film and technical hand drawings.

The main part of the semester was focused on Block 2 design. Students were asked to create an abstract, volumetric site model of either CITY, COURTYARD, or SLOPE. Students then had to join up in groups of four to create a neighbourhood and assign circulation and assembly tasks for architectural intervention. Each student had to design two models in timber, which related to the site context, showed structural and spatial understanding, develop an architectural language and interact with his fellow team members.

The final block was conducted remotely and focused on technical drawings and digital modelling at a closer scale. Students were asked to survey their individual room, create technical hand drawings at 1:10 and create a detailed 3D model and axonometry of this room. The rooms were finally referenced together to create a common labyrinth connecting the individual spaces.

Learning outcome

+ Exploring and discovering the range of possible design solutions through progressive design iterations.

+ Critical reflection of structural behaviour in relation to form and topology and spatial impact of architectural design.

+ Develop the terminology to describe and communicate space and structures and the skill of documenting and presenting such insights through various media.


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