Infrastructure in Place

Related Staff : Beisi Jia

Keywords: Place, Infrastructure, Envelop

We investigate an alternative approach in urban design. We remain critical to a deductive reasoning which presuppose particular solutions to problems around the study site according to preferred modes of functional zoning. Alternative methods are sought considering urban analysis, objectives and urban space.

We are doubtful of compositional unities which affirm order and stability. We encourage multiplicity and indeterminacy with all their forms of divergence, ambiguity and transformation.

Urban form is portrayed as an accumulation of information, material substances and time, forming compacted or loosely arranged agglomerations. We observe this phenomenon, which has existed for centuries and which this project is imposed upon.

We emphasise less on the notion of place-making as genius loci than on space production. Producing space is characterised by a dispersion of events which remains strategically open. Architecture design does not submit to finite conditions but circumscribes fields of possibilities, open to entice other forms of ‘reading and writing’.

The studio is built on three basic urban issues: place, infrastructure and envelop. The traditional linear sequence of analysis and design is abandoned to allow working in parallel. Thinking on several levels and across many scales is required in each exercise.

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