(Infra-)Structural Bracing

Platform: Materials Technologies Robotics (MTR)

Related Staff : Holger Kehne

Students: Chan Kwun Kit, Cheung Yui Ming, Lau Jonathan, Liu Tsz Shing, Mok Man Wing, Ng Chun Yip Gavin, Tisserand Guillaume Jean Andre Arsene, Tse Yu Ying Scarlett, Wang Xuelu, Yeung Hin Oswin

Studio name: Architectural Design 5

FOCUS Materials Technologies Robotics

WHERE The two major infrastructural corridors of Connaught Road and Lung Wo Road are isolating Central from the waterfront and the new land. By building across them in strategic locations, Central can be diversified with the provision of housing and ancillary programmes, while avoid competing over the regular land parcels. At the same time this opens up synergies by increasing local accessibility from existing context and community. Long-span structures and infrastructural construction systems become reciprocally intertwined and work in unison with the much finer modularity of housing.

RESEARCH & PROPOSITIONS Central has radically grown and transformed through land reclamation. While these strips and patches of land have historically been well absorbed into the city fabric, the sheer scale of the most recent, still to be developed zones and the major highways that already run on and alongside make it much more difficult to be reached and integrated. Add to this the simplistic and mono-functional zoning, it becomes clear that the areas will remain anodyne and featureless, an obstacle between Central and Victoria Harbour while it should organically develop into a new vibrant and exciting part of Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s economic model is largely based on the exorbitant windfalls from land reclamation. The studio does not harm the hegemonic parcelling of these latest territories for global multinational headquarters and other prestige real estate. Instead we develop and project new lean and adaptive structures that are able to occupy the interstices, currently unusable or infrastructural zones. The studio focuses on how Material, Technology and Robotics can instigate new ways of living and inform approaches towards innovative and sensitive grounding and hovering to bridge, connect, interweave and enrich the current land use plan. Through parasitic, we endeavour to connect, diversify and reclaim Victoria Harbour for the citizens of Hong Kong.


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