Future School

Related Staff : Yan Gao

Keywords: Applied Design Research, Diversified Learning, Performance-Orientated Design, Parametric Design, Environmental Metaphysics

This studio focuses on applied design & research in order to address the urgent local issues for immediate impact. The pedagogical goal of this studio is to fill in the gap between the academic design which focuses on certain academic idealism, and the professional design which frustrates with the lack of innovation and in-depth reflection upon the critical issues. This time the project is to collaborate with the Peace Experimental Primary School (PEPS) to investigate new form of school environment and spatial mechanisms which support the school’s vision in diversified and inspiring learning. Through engaging with the real users, students are expected to understand the complexity of design process in generating valuable design ideas, as well as to get inspiration from the stake holders outside the architectural discipline. We investigate how to codify the new forms of learning in today’s context with the environmental factors that affects the learning outcomes, in order to generate new design possibilities and to evaluate design feedback. Our design objective is to address a series of dualities including Nature and Culture, Safety and Adventures, Collaboration and Independency and, Resources and Demonstration.

Enlarge Photo: Ip Cheuk Sum Sampson, Yeung Tsz WingEnlarge Photo: Ip Cheuk Sum Sampson, Yeung Tsz WingEnlarge Photo: Future School 3