Fabricated Ground

Urban Pier Interventions

Related Staff : Roberto Requejo Belette

The last decades have seen cities around the world regenerate their post-industrial urban waterfront. Sites that were once scattered with ships, factories and pollution are now spaces full of activity and programmatic innovation. The water’s edge is once again the locus of public space, mediating between the city and its immediate and abrupt absence. This is also a time when building resilient cities begins at the water’s edge.

In this context, the studio will be investigating, not the waterfront, but a distinct feature thereof; the Urban Pier. Primarily intended to facilitate access into maritime vessels, piers distance themselves from the water’s edge by stretching out into the sea. Conceived as infrastructure and built for different purposes, from cargo-handling, to transport, to leisure, once-obsolete piers have been repurposed for an even wider range of uses. The course will consider the pier in broad terms, as fabricated ground over a body of water tasked with negotiating passage from city to water. Working from the presumption that density plays a critical role in injecting program and volume into the pier, particular attention will be given to urban conditions.

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