Extraterritorial Production

Related Staff : Eric H Schuldenfrei

Student: Sing Ha
Supervisor: Dr. Eric H. Schuldenfrei

‘If you turn round suddenly, as in the children’s game “Mother, may I?’ they will freeze, looking innocent, as if they hadn’t budged; here, on the left, are things themselves; there, on the right, is the free society of speaking, thinking subjects, values and of signs. Everything happens in the middle, everything passes between the two, everything happens by way of mediation, translation and networks, but this space does not exist, it has no place. It is the unthinkable, the unconscious of the moderns.’ (Latour, 1993)

The world should no longer be seen as a puzzle of nation states across solid Euclidian surfaces, clearly demarcated by borderlines which are stable and static. Political surfaces, instead, are fractured into discrete splinters forming a multiplicity of extraterritorial zones (Franke, et al., 2003) – oftentimes created by declaration of ‘states of emergency’ or states of exception through national or international laws.

Colonization and World Wars, on the other hand created territorial disputes. Because of the ambiguity created by treaties, these disputes intensify or subside according to the linkages among the nations. Their ‘nature’ is however left intact. These ruptures on the global political map, rich in resource of sun, water, food, and energy, are indeed gems to be discovered.

The ideology of ‘state of exception’ could possibly be applied, not to legalize the illegal, but to include the excluded. A mechanism of power is to be investigated to form an agreed apparatus which is not hindered by irregular and inadequate extension of the network of either nation state. This disciplinary machine can therefore eliminate confusion and establish calculated distributions.

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