Robotic Interventions 0.2 – Towards new territories in Architecture.

Related Staff : Christian Lange

Students: Chau Chi Wang, Hu Zhihao, Hung Chi Lok Ernest, Lau Siu Yan, Ma Jun Yin, Ma Ki Ho, Ng Ka Chun, Ng Ka Lam, Ren Depei, Wong Siu Shan, Yan Ming, Zhou Zhengmian

Since approximately a decade or so we are witnessing a shift in architecture that has the capacity to bring us closer again to materiality, craft and technology. Computation, new software packages and innovative CAD/CAM construction methods have paved the way for designers and architects alike to engage again much more in the construction process and the making of a building. With the advent of robotic fabrication in Architecture we are now witnessing the next step in this evolution. While previously CAM systems were borrowed from different industries and applied to architectural purposes, the robot starts to give the opportunity to open up an entire new paradigm. The architect him or herself can now invent and define the technology, craft and material system from scratch, giving new opportunities for innovation in Architecture but also allow for the possible redefinition for the role of the Architect in the industry itself.

With these exciting developments on the horizon, the studio had two main objectives. On one hand it was a hands-on investigation on how to generate new technologies, material systems and craftsmanship with the aid of the robot, on the other hand the studio looked at in what way we can apply those for the development of full scale performative architectural prototypes.

As a point of departure, the studio looked into traditional architectural elements, such as the column, the wall and the roof. China has a rich history of those in timber construction.  The studio will investigated the specific material systems, technology and craft involved and tested in which way we can use this knowledge to generate new interpretations.

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