Architecture & Urban Design I (ARCH 4001) – Dwelling: Carcass

Related Staff : Eunice Seng

Studio Instructor: Eunice Seng
Teaching Assistant: Kyna So
Students: Chau Shek Lun, Allen; Cheung Hoi Wun, Veronica; Fung Pak Ming Jason; Ip Kai Hong, Ken; Kwok Hoi Lam, Helen; Liu Kemeng; Lung Man Ching, Carla; Ng Yan Kwan, Connie; To Sui Kwan, Venus; Wong Guan Nok, Kenrick; Wong King Tung Jessica; Wong Yok Fai, Arnold

This studio begins with a question: what if… What if the large-scale composite building – a variant of the utopian megastructures envisioned by the architects of the 20th century that were grounded in Hong Kong by developers in the latter half of the twentieth century – is allowed to realize its fullest architectural potential of a city in a building? What if dwelling and the city is consummated in the most integrated ways possible? Subsumed by the city’s rapid densification and market-driven development, the massive composite building remains standing today as testimony to the kind of pragmatic utopianism that drives and defines Hong Kong’s built environment. Rather than accepting their “logical” commercialization or “natural” development towards increased privatization and segregation, this studio takes on the composite building as test sites for speculations on contemporary inhabitation. Hong Kong is the laboratory for dwelling experiments; the composite building carcass its test site. The site is simultaneously actual and fictional, imagined and constructed. This is the premise for the studio proposition.


Architecture & Urban Design I (ARCH 4001) – Dwelling: Carcass 1Architecture & Urban Design I (ARCH 4001) – Dwelling: Carcass 2Architecture & Urban Design I (ARCH 4001) – Dwelling: Carcass 3