Design Shaping

Ecologies — The Function of Environment in Architecture

Related Staff : Chang Su, Geraldine Borio, Rosalia Leung, Sunnie Lau, Ulrich Kirchhoff, Wallace Chang

In Year 1 we were studying the relationship of the human body to their immediate surroundings and how proportions affect the functional aspect of design. In Year 2 we will expand that objective to a larger environment and will study the relationships of built environment and natural environment.

The objective of this year is to learn how to 1. Observe and draw a phenomenon, 2. Translate it into a conceptual idea in form of models and sketches, 3. Create architectural drawings of the design up to a detail level.

Every building is bound to a specific environment, which is influenced by all kinds of natural phenomena. Standardisation and proprietary solutions of the construction industry have negated the specific relationship of a building to its surrounding with the result that we build similar in Nordic climates as we build in tropical environments. The studio will be an introduction to a critical discourse about designing in a specific environmental context from an technological point of view. We will investigate techniques and technologies that deal with the relationship of building and nature in the context of Hong Kong.

The HKU campus will be the basis of the investigation. Students will start off with a chosen topic and observe, analyse and draw how those topics affect the building and the external and internal spaces. Based on that topic, students will develop an idea for a specific architectural intervention on campus, that either enforces the topic or counter balances it or takes it as an inspiration for spatial experimentation. The program of the design intervention will be given by the studio supervisors, but will not exceed the size of a small pavilion of 150 sqm.

Enlarge Photo: Hui Tsz Nam Thomas, Lee Tin Wing AlvinaEnlarge Photo: Wong Cho KeiEnlarge Photo: Wan Wai Lok Justin, Wong Hang Chi AngieEnlarge Photo: Forsberg Ella Cornelia, Setiawan Jason, Leung Lok Yan
Enlarge Photo: Forsberg Ella Cornelia, Setiawan Jason, Leung Lok Yan
Enlarge Photo: Forsberg Ella Cornelia, Setiawan Jason, Leung Lok Yan