Related Staff : Michael Kokora

Studio Instructor: Michael Kokora
Class List: Chung Nai; Hang Gary; Kido Ryoyu; Li Veng Wing; Poon Julie Yuh; Sham Wing Man Josephine; Shu Tianchu; Suen Nga Yu; Tang Chi Chun BM; Woo Sau Chi; Yue Ching Mei; Yung Tsz Tung

Every year at least one major disaster affects a large metropolitan area. With continuous world population growth and the shift in population from rural to urban this trend is set to continue, affecting greater numbers of people in increasingly larger urban areas. Initial ‘temporary’ disaster responses quickly become camps, later these camps often become permanent cities reliant on the initial response, which is usually designed for a fraction of the population.

This studio was an attempt to advance design within disaster situations while exploring its potential for innovation and architectural entrepreneurship both for immediate crisis response and long term disaster planning. The studio began by researching responses to specific disasters both past and present (Haiti, Katrina, Sumatra, Fukushima, Tohoku). After the research phase three projects were designed at three different scales: an immediate survival DEVICE, a small scale SHELTER, and a large scale CAMP for 10,000 people. While each project could exist independently, the intent of the studio was to build upon each project as a conceptual site, each responding to innovations discovered in the previous project, creating a comprehensive response to DEPLOY for a potential crisis at the end of the studio.

The studio traveled to Tokyo and the Tohoku region of Japan devastated by the earthquake and tsunami. Students met with architects responding to the disaster (Atelier Bow Wow, Kengo Kuma, Arata Isozaki, Yasutaka Yoshimura, and Makiko Tsukada) and worked with All Hands Volunteers providing disaster relief to the survivors of the tsunami.

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