Related Staff : Tao Zhu

Supervisor: Zhu Tao

Dalang is located in an industrial zone on the north periphery of Shenzhen. Approximately, half a million people live in Dalang, of whom less than 8,000 are ‘local registered residents’. The remaining population is comprised of immigrant laborers from various places in China, ranging in age from 19-30 years. Despite their harsh working and living condition, most of the immigrant workers feel home at Dalang. The pride and energy of the young immigrant workers are most vividly demonstrated during the activities taking place within the two connected open spaces, the Labor Plaza and Commercial Plaza in the center of Dalang.

On the southern tip of Dalang, the Hong Kong MTR Corporation has built the Longsheng Station, one of the stops that connects downtown Shenzhen to the city’s northern periphery. Furthermore, MTR has commissioned the Hong Kong architect LWK & Partners to design a giant train depot on land next to the station as well as a shopping mall and housing towers on top. A typical Hong Kong development model, with its expertise par excellence in overlapping various programs and organizing complex circulations into the building’s section, is landing down to Dalang.

There raised challenges such as: Can the new complex that envisions a middle-class crowd flowing continuously through the shopping mall podium, be adapted for Dalang, which is essentially still an industrial town with half a million young workers? Will it be possible to improve the current shopping mall design so that it can also generate a similar social/cultural energy as it now exists in the Labor Plaza and Commercial Plaza at Dalang’s town center?

Based on a study of Dalang’s urban condition, we use the Longsheng Train Station Complex designed by LWK & Partners as our ‘site’. Each student would formulate a specific intervention strategy, to insert an extra 2000m2 floor area into the commercial complex, as a catalyst for transforming the shopping mall to a SOCIAL CONDENSER.

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