Related Staff : Yung Ho Chang

Studio: Yung Ho Chang, with Jae Lim and Victor Leung
Students: Lai Ka Chung Lawrence, Lam Nathaniel Tiu, Lam Wai Ying, Lee Joyce Pui Yun, Lee Man Yee, Li Liang, Tian Yi, Wang Yixi, Wong Kin Man, Wu Man Hoi, Wu Yue, Eric Yuen

This studio is a material laboratory and concrete was the subject. Reinforced  concrete structure as a spatial and formal system has been long explored in architecture. Reinforced concrete (RC) technology has been and is widely used in the region of Asia, including Hong Kong, however in most cases as a repetitive production of the basic post-and-beam frame due to historic reasons, the tremendous architectural potential of RC remains somehow untouched.

This studio tries to overcome the obstacle that forbids architects to appreciate concrete fully: drawing. Concrete appears rather abstract in typical architectural drawings and has to be studied or handled physically to be understood. This studio, instead of drawing, focused on the process of casting concrete. Large-scale models were made to engage the processes as a design methodology, to approach architecture as craft. Final design project requires a 4-story building for a 24-hour cafe with a one-table restaurant that only opens for dinner and living quarters for the owner.

Site: 160 Third Street lot, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong.

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