Co-Living +

Related Staff : Yan Gao

Students: Gao Yuning, He Yizhen, Ip Sui Ki, Kam Hou Wang, Lam Sin Kwan, Lee Wai Yan, Li Mengyao, Liu Kaixuan, Yang Mei, Zhao Jinglun, Zhu Jiazheng

Platform: Living Cities Rural (LCR)
Studio name: Architectural Design 5
Year: BA(AS) Year 4 Fall 2017

Living Cities Rural

The project is based on an ongoing scheme by Urban Renew Authority, comprising three adjacent sites with multiple urban programs, e.g. housing, hotel, office, civic buildings, retail. We challenged the current 2D-extrusion based scheme through a more integrated space + time approach in urban scale, and focused on the Co-Living Towers plus their engagement with other urban programs in architecture scale.

This studio engages with the theme of Co-living, which is becoming a promising way of living focused on a genuine sense of community, using shared spaces and facilities to create a more home-like living environment with less individual burdens for a convenient and fulfilling lifestyle. Co-living inspires and empowers its residents to be active creators and participants in the world around them. To live together under the same big roof cultivates the collaboration and serendipity of life intersecting with the internet communities.

Phase 1. Vertical Urban

Students deliver different urban design schemes to reflect their criticism and agreement of the current urban design proposal concerning the local community at large in the planning.

Phase 2. Co-living Towers

Students develop the Co-Living Towers proposed on the site. A residents-orientated and holistic approach, has been adopted in the design development process for people from recent graduates to mid-thirties. The social and economic sustainability has been considered for the affected residents/operators, aiming to improving the physical living / working / shopping / tourism environment whilst evolving the historical / cultural characteristics as well as the social network around the site, such as the operation of the ground and the manipulation of sharing space associated with the living towers. We treasure the social capital in the district and continued its energy from the creative generation. Through the above initiatives, the Co-living agenda helps to facilitate a regeneration of the vibrancy of the neighbourhood as well as strengthening the identity of the place.

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