Related Staff : Christian Lange

Mies van der Rohe once said “Architecture starts when you carefully put two bricks together. There it begins.” With recent developments in the digital fabrication sector, I believe we can now say Architecture starts when you carefully design and make a brick. There it begins. Over the past two decades, digital technology has enabled us to be much more involved in the making of a building and partially triggered a return to crafts and material. With the advent of robotics in architecture, this trend has even deepened. Around the world practitioners and researchers work on new material systems and technologies that not only involve the design, but also the design of the whole set-up of making, including programing, tool design, and much more. We are currently witnessing a fundamental shift in architecture that involves new modes of production, new material systems but also new roles for the architect.

The studio Autobrickformation II is a continuation of the Fall 2018 March studio and is aligned with the research that is currently undertaken in the Robotic Fabrication Lab at HKU. The focus of the studio is to understand the potentials of robotic 3d printing and its impact on architectural design and its production.

Enlarge Photo: Co Dominic LimEnlarge Photo: Tam Chi Yan, Wong Suet YingEnlarge Photo: Tam Chi Yan