Architecture as Art Medium: Theme Park of Architectural Phenomena

Related Staff : Lau, Stephen S. Y.

Student: Wong Ka Ling Joan
Supervisor: Mr. Stephen Lau

My thesis takes the idea of phenomenology, by treating architecture as a form of art, to use form as a medium to express meanings and effects. Started from 1970s, phenomenology was first advocated by Martin Heidegger, a German Philosopher, to investigate the inner meanings of architecture in people’s minds that are established through material properties of buildings. This thesis starts to investigate the meaning of form and how it relates to the meaning of buildings. When architects try to manipulate the outer layer, which is the form, there is actually an alteration of the inner layer, which is the meaning of buildings and people experiences within. By doing so, buildings are constantly changed to fit the city cycle.

Fotan is originally an industrial district, it gradually becoming desolate as economic structure of Hong Kong changes. My thesis aims to propose another type of development in the Fotan site, which is continuous construction. Through inserting different plug-ins that modify different aspect of buildings in the area, Fotan is turned into an embraced cultural area with vibrant cultural activity. The six plugins are sometimes subtly connected through visual connections, but others are also separated to convey totally different experiences. These segmented experiences together form the whole new experience of the new Fotan Art area.