Architectural Design 3 Studio

Related Staff : Anderson Lee

Studio Brief

The studio is part of the experiential learning that requires students to study abroad for the entire semester at the Shanghai Study Centre of the Faculty of Architecture, HKU.

Hong Kong and Shanghai have different social, political, climatic and spatial characteristics. We are interested in how these local specificities shape spatial and architectural expression. What are the driving forces behind civic space making: Context, Structure, Program, Circulation, Climate and Density? How does a civic building express itself differently between Hong Kong and Shanghai? We want to engage in a dialogue of different function within a civic building and to explore different design methodologies.

The final outcome of the studio is a mixed-use municipal building sited within a residential neighborhood.  As both Hong Kong and Shanghai have a different understanding on what municipal building is, students begin by analyzing the unique social and cultural mixed of a given residential area.  They are encouraged to engage into dialogues and interviews with the local residents in order to draw their own conclusions on what program elements are suitable for the mixed-use building.  Student will also learn how specific architectural parameters, such as Structure, Program and Circulation, inform the making of space and the built environment. Subsequently students are to develop speculative proposals based on their critical understanding on the data collected and issues investigated.  The final design of the mixed-use building type is the culmination of synthesizing the research data, the understanding of typology evolution and site specificities in order to engage in a new architectural dialogue with the city.

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