Anti-XL Ruin: Breaking Bigness, Segregation, Diversification, Asychronization in the Process of Architecture

Related Staff : Beisi Jia

Student: Lam Cheuk Yiu, Kenton
Supervisor: Dr. B.S. Jia

In this thesis, the perspective is on the lifespans and regeneration of these simultaneously built homogeneous gigantic containers with same life spans, due to same material and construction method applied on these buildings. Each of these buildings, with hierarchically top-down centralized servicing system, vertical circulations and structures, actually allow little capacity for partial redevelopment or demolition. The impact of these large scale ONE-OFF DEMOLITION in the future, informed by today renewal process in horizontally big villages, is predictably big and undesirable in cultural, social or economical way. It is unsustainable. It is a foreseeable crisis.

They have already transcended a single big building. They are in real urban scale. They are even EXTRA LARGE. Here, architecture itself is a process instead of a frozen object. Provided that the high density of population & the urgency of rapid development are inevitable & irreversible, by considering structure, material, economy of the whole life of the buildings, SEGREGATION, DIVERSIFICATION & ASYNCHRONIZATION are the corresponding proposed strategies for breaking down the Bigness. It is about phrasing, material diversity, partial redevelopment and flexibility. The thesis here is to find out the new physical order for achieving ‘BIG’, or more precisely, ‘COMPLEXITY’.

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