Amalgamated Architecture Studio

(or Difficult Wholes and Rough Beasts)

Related Staff : Sam Jacob

Studio Assistant Lecturer: Evelyn Ting

Keywords: Hybrids, Collage, Representation

Hong Kong is a city where cultures intersect. Forces of colonialism, politics, ideology, and economics have exerted themselves to shape the city in extreme ways. Urban form, architectural character, programme and even geology have been moulded, trained and bent by these forces into a unique urban ecology. Our studio investigates and speculates within this culture of ultra-hybrid urbanity.

It does this in two ways: First by ‘reading’ Hong Kong through close observation. This produces a series of ‘portraits’ of existing architectural phenomena. These act as studies but also as potent manifestos of architectural potentials. These explore and explain how unique forms of architecture have thrived within the Hong Kong ecosystem. From very small to very large, historic and futuristic, global and local, individual and collective, we use the act of drawing and modelmaking to articulate our readings as positions.

Secondly we work with elements of architectural culture, raiding history for ingredients and tactics that we can use ourselves to create alternative histories and possible futures. These give us disciplinary foundations that shore up our speculations.

Enlarge Photo: Fan Man SiEnlarge Photo: Fan Man SiEnlarge Photo: Fan Man SiEnlarge Photo: Fan Man SiEnlarge Photo: Fan Man SiEnlarge Photo: Chui Jessie AlisonEnlarge Photo: Chui Jessie AlisonEnlarge Photo: Zhao Fangyuan