Wen Yau 魂游

Wen Yau 魂游
12:45 pm - 2:00 pm
To be held virtually via Zoom
Meeting ID: 945 4009 5380
Methods of Engagement: Architecture and the Humanities
Fall 2020 Discussion Series
Performing the Publicness: From Public Space to Public Sphere
Wen Yau 魂游


With a background in communication and cultural studies, Wen Yau’s practice shows her keen concern over the public dimensions of art. She stages performances in public space, presents work of institutional critique, develops participatory methodologies in her research, and more. In this talk, she will discuss the ideas behind her public practices and how she tries to engage the audience and/or other counterparts to reimagine their roles in public sphere in a performative manner. She will also share the challenges and dilemma she faced and the inspirations she had gained in her work processes.

About the Speaker

As a cross-media artist, researcher, curator and writer, Wen Yau has focused on performance/live art and social practices in the past decade. Her works often grapple with cultural difference and intimacy in public space and have been presented internationally. She worked as a Researcher at Asia Art Archive (2005-2012) and obtained her PhD at the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, with a thesis entitled Performing Identities: Performative Practices in Post-Handover Hong Kong Art and Activism. In 2015-2016, she served as Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the Performance Studies Department at Northwestern University. Recent projects include A Drop and Two Dots: WK Realty Expo & Auction (2018), Wahnsinn Homage to All Peaceful Revolutionaries (cross-media, 2014-), Painting like an Artist (conceptual painting, 2010-), I am a Grade D Artist (mixed media, 2009-2013), Seeing is Existing (pinhole photographic series, 2008-), cop.ied (cross-media, 2008-), Civil Left/Right (video & performance, 2007-), i-(s)wear (one-to-one performance, 2007-), TengSeWong/Voice-Writer series (media & live art, 2005-), I pledge (not) guilty (live art, 2004-05), among others.

Methods of Engagement: Architecture and the Humanities
Fall 2020 Discussion Series

This discussion series tackles questions related to the role of interdisciplinarity in contemporary architectural design and scholarship. It brings humanities-oriented researchers, artists, and writers from outside the discipline of architecture to the Faculty of Architecture to share their scholarly approaches to questions that are shaping debates both within and ancillary to architecture and the humanities.

Through this series, we hope to begin conversations and introduce new approaches and ways of thinking that might influence how we research, study, and practice. Are there ways in which interdisciplinary approaches can help address chronic imbalances and deficiencies in the ways architecture has been historically conceived, produced, and studied? Does interdisciplinarity risk eroding the specific methods of inquiry that make architecture unique?

The Architecture, Urbanism, and the Humanities Initiative (AUHI) comprises a group of designers, theorists, and historians at the University of Hong Kong. Collectively, we work to understand how buildings and cities shape our relationship to each other and to the world at large. One of the objectives of the AUHI is to address the complexities at work in architecture and urbanization through a range of sources; this lecture series is part of that attempt to open architecture to a broader cultural debate.