“Weather Casting + Drawing Conversations with Nature” Exhibition @ Knowles

“Weather Casting + Drawing Conversations with Nature” Exhibition @ Knowles
01-Sep-2022 - 31-Oct-2022
3/F Corridor, Knowles Building, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong
Department of Architecture
The University of Hong Kong
HKU Architecture Gallery @ Knowles
Weather Casting + Drawing Conversations with Nature

Drawing Conversations with Nature – Growth, Transformation, Adaptations and Decay

This exhibition showcases the collective works by the HKU Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies Year 3 students in their Fall Design Studio in 2019 – 2021.

Our exploration begins with researching nature by drawing, analyzing, and unveiling the substrate that entails various coordinated disciplines speaking to one another in a natural phenomenon where vegetables and fruits grow as ordinary objects of study. Using architectural tools such as scale, plans, sections, dissections, transparency, and alternative languages, students may invent new tools, techniques, and methods for their drawing translations.

This exhibition will challenge the ways of seeing the world around us and discover new possibilities through a reading of representation and abstraction with depth and imagination. We aim to develop a deeper understanding of forms, space, and material organization that describe the environment in terms of performance, structure, life cycle, and energy processing. Through these drawings, we will discover how nature grows and search for the relationship between architecture and our built environment.

Teacher and Curator: Miho Hirabayashi
Year 3 Studio Coordinator: Thomas Tsang
Curatorial Support: Chan Chun Ngok Osten, Chan Hei Lam, Zhu Yalan, Tsoi Tin Shun Kitty, Wan King Kit Kim, Lee Ching Tung Cheryl, Lee Tin Wing Alvina
Fabrication by Jacky Chu

Weather Casting

Architecture is obliged to stay intact during its life time, continuously resisting the force of nature and protecting people from extreme weather. However, its strength and integrity are constantly weakened by the weather and this process is irresistible and
irreversible. Instead of fighting against this insuperable battle, could architecture submit, embrace and grow with nature? Could the process of weakening be transformed into one that is capable of strengthening, enriching and prolonging the symbiotic relationship between architecture and nature?

From ice formwork disappearing in construction to modular housing decaying in the growth of banyan trees, “Weather Casting” showcases the speculative design experiments conducted in BA(AS) Year 3 Design Studios instructed by Fai Au and coordinated by Thomas Tsang. Through an intensive process of drawing and model making, these experiments contemplate how the vulnerability of architecture and permeability of nature could become the primary design drivers in shaping forms and spaces that interact creatively with the vivaciousness of weather. The weakness, discrepancy and instability of materials discovered during the process are captured and seen as design potential rather than limitation.

Architecture and weather are indivisible entities that inhabit each other. Weather casts architecture, and architecture grows from within.

Teacher and Curator: Fai Au
Year 3 Studio Coordinator: Thomas Tsang
Curatorial Support: Cheung Tsz Kiu Jackie, Cheung Wing See Kyo, Hong Sum Ho Angus, Lai See Long Christopher, Yau Pui Yu
Fabrication Advice by Jacky Chu