Graduate Students Conference 2019
31-May-2019 - 01-Jun-2019
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
TRANSFER: Diffusions and Mobilities in the Built Landscapes of Asia and beyond
Kelly SHANNON, Giovanna BORASI and Jiat Hwee CHANG

Graduate Students Conference,
The University of Hong Kong
31st May – 1st June

Organizing committee:
Ting WANG, Diego Javier CARO, Chun Wai Charles LAI, Sben KORSH

Faculty advisers:
Cecilia CHU, Eunice SENG

Keynote speakers:
Kelly SHANNON, Giovanna BORASI & Jiat Hwee CHANG

While modernity has been widely perceived as a universal phenomenon that encompasses different localities in Asia, the forms of cities and urban landscapes have been shaped and reshaped by specific histories, shifting geopolitics, and more recently growing collective concerns over ecology and sustainability. By analysing the exchange and transfer of knowledge of built environment disciplines, this conference aims to interrogate the roles of the agents and institutions involved in the production of built landscapes in Asia and beyond.

Graduate students from relevant disciplines are invited to submit abstract on the subjects of “Diffusions and Mobilities of Transfer in the Built Landscapes.” The focus of investigation may include architecture, landscapes, infrastructures, urbanism, construction and engineering. The papers will follow two main tracks:

1. Diffusions and Histories of Modern Architecture and Construction
This track investigates processes of transfer and diffusion of modern architecture and construction. Subjects of enquiry may include material usage, technologies, and professional practices and expertise. Papers should consider how these processes implicate the forms of built environments at specific localities in Asia. We are especially interested in papers that examine the less iconic, unofficial, everyday spaces or sites that are considered to be mundane, as well as narratives that transcend the “centre-periphery” perspectives. This track aims at bringing attention to issues of post-colonial architectural and construction histories and expand our knowledge of transnational and trans-colonial networks in the histories of modernity in the region.

2. Mobilities of Capital and Power in Post-Cold War Asia: Landscapes, Infrastructures, Urban forms
Over the past decades, accelerating processes of capitalist globalization and foreign capital investments have had growing influence on the productions of infrastructures and built landscapes in Asia. Projects invested by overseas capitals have been seen as mediators of local and global interests as well as sites of knowledge exchange and political negotiation. This track invites papers that analyse the contestations and conflicts in the production of these built environments. This may include enquiries on specific projects that challenge the status quo of international relations and the ways they impact everyday life of individuals and communities at home and abroad. We are especially interested in papers that decipher the complex geopolitical implications of these projects, how they are shaped by the mobility and expansion of capital, and how these dynamics have been materialized in landscapes, infrastructures and urban forms.

Abstracts will go through a peer review process. Accepted papers will be organized into discussion panels. Each participant will deliver a 20-minute presentation, followed by comments provided by in invited discussant. Accepted papers will be considered for inclusion in a potential edited volume.

* Please email your 300 word abstract with a 100 word bio to by Sunday 17 March, 2019 at 5pm Hong Kong time.