“To Float in a World too Heavy” Exhibition @ PMQ

“To Float in a World too Heavy” Exhibition @ PMQ
30-Mar-2022 - 03-May-2022
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
S314, 3/F, Staunton (Block A), PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong
“To Float in a World too Heavy” Exhibition @ PMQ

“To Float in a World too Heavy” showcases four works by HKU Architecture students, alumni and faculty members between the seams of land and water in Hong Kong, with a focus on “making home in nature” through design, research, and action. Projects featured in the exhibition serve as explorations of the animistic beliefs – that house, a piece of seemingly inert artifact, is actually endowed with life and thought; and home, often a human-centric concept, could be understood beyond the need of humankind.

The exhibition also presents a series of myths, many from Hong Kong’s deep antiquity, that stroll along the waterfront of the city, forming an interpretive framework for the design works. As Roland Bathes states, “However paradoxical it may seem, myth hides nothing: its function is to distort, not to make disappear.” This exhibition hopes to uncover the making and living techniques which are often overlooked in Hong Kong’s building culture, and to awaken an imagination of the good life in a city that is too often entangled in the congested heaviness of the land.

Su Chang and Tianying Li

Workshop Leaders:
Laurene Cen, Jacky Lai, Sherman Lam, Go Yi, Rochelle Yu

Liquid Homes: Kat O, Tai O, Po Toi O

Su Chang, Ming Rou Hon, Zhu Yalan Julia, Ma Ho Ching Issac

Supported by Design Trust

Field Theater: Kuk Po

Su Chang, Tianying Li with Weijen Wang

Fong Yan Nok Joanna, Iu Shing Chun Chris, Kong Ling Yiu Yoyo, Ku Wun Lucinda, Lau Wing Lam Ally, Law Tsz Hin, Lo Shui Fung Sherman, Mao Yue Yang Lesley, Wong Lok Yu Angel, Wu Wan Sheung Ada, Zhou Yuying Cherrie, Kim Daegeun, Ma Ho Ching, Hon Ming Rou, Pak Hei Nam, Tam Wing Huen Raven, Wong Chung Hei Matthew, Wong Chun Yan Oscar, Zhu Yalan Julia, Liu Yiran

Sherman Lam, Jacky Lai, Tian Mengxiao

Supported by HKU Centre for Chinese Architecture and Urbanism and HKSAR Countryside Conservation Funding Scheme

Project Tombolo: Po Toi

Laurene Cen, Henry Chung, Yi Go, Jacky Lai, Sherman Lam, Vivien Lee, Anson Ng, Rochelle Yu

Supported by Academy 22 Education for All Foundation

A Modernologio Dictionary: Fishing Villages under Covid

Tam Wing Huen Raven, Pak Hei Nam, supervised by Su Chang

Supported by HKU TDLEG for Undergraduate Research

For enquiries, please contact Ms. Isabel Wong of the Department of Architecture, HKU at (Tel: 3917 2136, Email: Please visit the official webpage of the HKU Architecture Gallery for more information.

This exhibition will observe social distancing measures set out by the government. Visitors can walk in but may be required to take turns to enter the gallery.