The Aspiring Mind

The Aspiring Mind
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
The Aspiring Mind - Personal Sharing of Research and Scholarship
Remark: For RPg students and Research Staff of the Faculty of Architecture only
Room 820, 8/F, Knowles Building, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road Hong Kong
Professor Stephen Lau,
Honorary Professor, Faculty of Architecture,
The University of Hong Kong

Text Summary of the video


As a PhD Supervisor without a PhD, Professor Lau has graduated with nearly 40 PhDs, won an award of outstanding supervisor, and been the PhD Program Chair for almost 15 years at both HKU and NUS. What is the achievement beyond aspiration in his mind?  Until this day, he realizes that it is about the training of minds in pursuit of novelty and discovery, for which he believes that there is a PhD in every one of us, whether implicitly or explicitly.

In this guest lecture he would like to name as FUTURE 2, for you are the future, Professor Lau will share with RPG students and young researchers what is in the head of the trainee, coach or mentor as he gradually transforms from one to another.  The main part of this talk refers to the extroverted challenges of research – changing phenomena around us (e.g., climate change, technology, and others).

About the Speaker

Currently as an Honorary Professor at the Faculty of Architecture, Professor Stephen Lau is a registered Architect, Acoustician, Lighting Designer and Carbon Auditor. He studied at The University of Hong Kong (BA(AS), BArch) and The University of London (MSc in Architecture – Environmental Design & Engineering).  As an educator, he has taught architectural design and environmental controls, and supervised PhD students at HKU, where he received the University Outstanding Research Student Supervisor Award and was named a University-Wide Top Researcher in the discipline of Humanities for three consecutive years.

In 2015-19, Professor Lau joined the Department of Architecture at the National University of Singapore as a Professor, Deputy Head of Research. He had also been a Visiting Professor at the Department of Geo-sciences and Spatial Planning of Utrecht University; Honorary Professor of Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Soochow, Southwest, Tongji and Wuhan Universities; Visiting Senior Research Fellow at UNSW Australia. He is the Founder & Chair of China Green Building Council Hong Kong Chapter. Professor Lau has made significant research impact (ResearchGate H-Index: 30, Research Score 32.57, as of Aug. 2021).