Gurjit Matharoo

Gurjit Matharoo
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

About the Speaker:
Gurjit Singh Matharoo is the principal at Matharoo Associates, a startup firm that began operations in Ahmedabad, India in 1992.The firm since its inception has been involved in a diverse range of projects that have brought them international as well as domestic recognition, they are the recipients of a variety of distinguished awards such as:

2013- Elected an International Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architect.
2011- Acknowledged by ETH, Zurich in their global observatory.
2011- Winner of the International Architecture Award by the Chicago Athenaeum.
2010- Winner of the AR House Award by the Architectural Review.
2009- Winner of the AR Emerging Architecture Award by the Architectural Review.
2006 – First Runners up in the WAN House of the Year Award.
2005- Honorable mention in the AR Emerging Architecture Award by the Architectural Review.
2003 – Editors choice in the AR Emerging Architecture Award by the Architectural Review.

The firm’s standards are adhered to by an in house team of dedicated personnel in the field of Architecture, Structure, Interior and Product design leading to a holistic design approach coupled with innovation and acute attention to functionality and detail.

Gurjit Singh Matharoo besides his professional practice is also actively involved in academic work and has been a visiting faculty since 1991 at the Centre of Environmental Planning and Technology in Ahmedabad, from where he graduated and at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad for the transportation design course. He is deeply passionate about the mechanics and design of automobiles

Lecture Synopsis:
Like the first serve in tennis, we give each idea our best shot – more often than not, it’s an ace. As follow through, we are able to satisfy even the smallest of the clients’ functional requirements.
With our internal working philosophy of ‘when in doubt, reduce; when not in doubt, surely reduce’, clients are ensured that if not more, at least the amount of the fees they pay us, we will save from the project cost, because of our innovative solutions. Our service is thus free and our unique designs, a bonus!

We use materials in their natural form. With harsh sun falling on wood, concrete, brick, stone or metal, we are able to get profound textures, much like carvings do to a temple in tropical light. While our buildings remain truly embedded in nature, our approach to sustainably is taking green and adding a little blue for open mindedness, so environmentalism goes hand in hand with science – a green turquoise approach to architecture.

Our projects are injected with a potent dose of wit, so buildings are not sterile, but fun to be in and playful. Innovation becomes an essential ingredient of our soulful cuisines.

This lecture is open to the general public.

The Spring 2014 Public Lecture Series are co-sponsored by “Ronald Lu & Partners (HK) Ltd.” & “Woo, Chow, Wong & Partners (HK) Ltd.” visiting lectureship in architecture.