Charles Musselwhite

Charles Musselwhite
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Staying Mobile and Healthy as We Age
Prof. Charles Musselwhite
Professor of Psychology at Aberystwyth University

Please note Centre of Urban Studies and Urban Planning (CUSUP) and Urban Analytics and Interventions Research Lab (uLab) will co-host a research seminar on transport and health.

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This seminar will examine the importance of transport and mobility in relation to health and wellbeing in later life. Staying mobile helps people stay fit and healthy and connected to the things they enjoy doing and the people they love as they age. Establishing links between Centre for Ageing and Dementia Research (CADR) and a new transport and health research network, THINK (Transport and Health Integrated research NetworK) the talk will examine how four key areas of where transport intersects health and wellbeing disproportionately affect older people:

  • Community severance: How do we keep people connected to neighbourhoods and communities while at the same time having to, or wanting to, reduce driving?
  • Injuries: Why are older people overrepresented in collisions from driving, and crucially as pedestrians, especially females? What can be done to improve road safety in later life?
  • Active Travel: How do we encourage for more walking and cycling in later life?
  • Pollution: Older people are disproportionately affected by air and noise pollution with links to cognitive decline and respiratory illnesses.

About the Speaker

Charles Musselwhite is Professor of Psychology at Aberystwyth University. His research involves applying social, environmental and health psychology to understanding and improving relationships between the built environment and transportation and health and wellbeing. In particular he has expertise in environmental gerontology, examining relationships between environment and health in later stages of life, including older people’s road user safety, giving-up driving, reducing isolation and loneliness and creating age friendly neighbourhoods and communities. He has worked on 39 projects as PI or Co-I totalling over £25m research income. He is currently co-Director the Welsh Government funded £3m Centre for Ageing and Dementia Research (CADR) project to bring together research in ageing with policy and practice across Wales and a £400k transport and health research network to bring together those interested in health and transport research. He has authored 45 peer reviewed journal articles, 21 book chapters and has 5 books. He is Editor-in-Chief for Elsevier’s Journal of Transport & Health and on the editorial board for Age Cymru’s EnvisAGE and Elsevier’s Research in Transportation Business & Management.


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