Spatial Justice | Spring 2021 Discussion Series

Spatial Justice | Spring 2021 Discussion Series
04-Mar-2021 - 20-Apr-2021
12:45 pm - 2:00 pm
To be held virtually via Zoom
Spatial Justice
Spring 2021 Discussion Series
Architecture, Urbanism, and the Humanities Initiative (AUHI)
Department of Architecture

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Following on the Fall 2020 lecture series “Methods of Engagement”, this spring the Architecture, Urbanism and Humanities Initiative presents a group of speakers at the forefront of some of Hong Kong’s most pressing concerns: social innovation, climate change, access to digital media and housing. The speakers will look at these issues from their own disciplinary or professional perspectives, providing insights that illuminate our own understandings of these concerns.

Through this “Spatial Justice” series, we hope to begin a discussion about how space and equity are implicated in these questions. Originally theorized by the geographer Edward Soja, “spatial justice” focuses critical attention on how space figures in the equitable distribution of resources, services and access. With speakers hailing from trajectories outside of architecture, urbanism or landscape, the series continues the cross-disciplinary dialogue of last semester and offers a chance to consider new ways of thinking and acting on matters of contemporary concern.

The Architecture, Urbanism, and the Humanities Initiative (AUHI) comprises a group of designers, theorists, and historians at the University of Hong Kong. Collectively, we work to understand how buildings and cities shape our relationship to each other and to the world at large. One of the objectives of the AUHI is to address the complexities at work in architecture and urbanization through a range of sources; this lecture series is part of that attempt to open architecture to a broader cultural debate.

Thursday, March 4, 12:45-14:00

Ada Wong 黃英琦, Lawyer, Social Innovation Organiser
The Practice of Social Innovation

Tuesday, March 23, 12:45-14:00

Wong Hing-fan 黃慶勳, Director
Space, Time and Finding Home 空間、時間、尋找家

Tuesday, April 13, 12:45-14:00

Christine Loh 陸恭蕙,​ Professor & Chief Development Strategist, Division of Environment & Sustainability, HKUST
The Revolution Needed to Achieve Carbon Neutrality 2050

Tuesday, April 20, 12:45-14:00

Francis Lee 李立峯, Director, School of Journalism and Communication, CUHK
Digital Media and Social Movements

*The total number of attendance is limited to 300. First come, First served.

All lectures are open to the general public.