Public Lecture Series

Shin Egashira 江頭慎

Shin Egashira 江頭慎
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
To be held virtually via Zoom
Nicholas Boyarsky
Professor of Architecture
RMIT University
HKU Architecture
Spring 2021 Public Lecture Series
Piecing a City Together by Taking its Objects Apart
Shin Egashira 江頭慎

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Lecture Abstract

Is our sense of wonder associated with our inability to understand the world’s complexity?
Can architects work as archaeologists for the present time and reimagine the city by taking its objects apart?

Drawing inspirations from the methods of collectors, makers and storytellers who read the world in reverse time order, Shin Egashira works empirically. His explorations include making small things big, fast things slow and to make familiar things unfamiliar, spanning from the scale of hands to that of the geopolitical.

Why does progress tend to follow from the old to the new?
Why do cultural artefacts tend to travel from the West to the East, the knowledge from the centre to the peripheral, while the other resources move in other directions?

In this lecture, Shin Egashira will discuss his works as a means to reflect the strangeness of the world as a playful combination of science and poetry, similar to how Daedalus, mythical inventor, architect and sculptor, was known for giving the wrong tools to resolve conflicts into opportunities.


Shin Egashira makes art and architecture collaboratively worldwide. His experiments include the construction of Alfred Jarry’s Time Machine alongside astrophysicist Andrew Jaffe, “How to Walk a Flat elephant” and “Twisting Concrete” which fuse old and new technologies. He conducts a series of landscape workshops in rural and inner-city communities across the world including Koshirakura (Japan), Tokyo, Muxagata (Portugal), Shanghai and Brooklyn.

He has been teaching at the Architectural Association since 1990 and is the Unit Master of Diploma Unit 11 since 1996. For the past ten years, his unit has been documenting London with critical views towards neoliberal urban development. The current theme of Interior Urbanism seeks an alternative form of design approach with scientific and poetic ways to argue the importance of the imperfection recognizing the value of exceptions and things overlooked by architects and developers.

This lecture is open to the general public.

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