Xiaoling Chu & Alexander Zhou

Xiaoling Chu & Alexander Zhou
04-Nov-2022 - 11-Nov-2022
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Room 526, Knowles Building, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong
REC Research Brown-Bag Seminar Series
Dr Xiaoling Chu
Post-doctoral Fellow, Department of Real Estate and Construction, HKU

Ir Dr Alexander Zhou
Honorary Research Fellow, Imperial College


Title: How do political connections mitigate policy uncertainty? Evidence from Chinese real estate firms
Speaker: Dr Xiaoling Chu, Post-doctoral Fellow, Department of Real Estate and Construction, HKU

About the Speaker
Dr Chu received his PhD degree in real estate from the University of Hong Kong, bachelor and master degrees from Tianjin University and Tsinghua University, respectively. His research interests include real estate finance and corporate finance.

This study investigates the value of political connections in protecting real estate firms under policy uncertainty. This study takes advantage of a novel approach by introducing a series of policy shocks as exogenous sources of uncertainty. Specifically, this study collects policy announcements regarding the real estate sector over the period of 2010 to 2016, and conducts an event study on how political connections mitigate the adverse effect of policy uncertainty. The findings show that political connections are positively associated with firms’ cumulative abnormal returns under these policy shocks. This study further finds that the value of political connections is related to firms’ information advantage and political influence in the environment of policy uncertainty. Moreover, a battery of robustness checks validates our findings.

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Title: Digital Delivery and Product Platforms: International Cases in Industrialized Construction and Implications to Projects
Speaker: Ir Dr Alexander Zhou, Honorary Research Fellow, Imperial College

About the Speaker
Ir Dr Alexander Zhou is currently an Honorary Research Fellow at Centre for Systems Engineering and Innovation, Imperial College London, where he received his PhD. He is also an incoming Research Affiliate at School of Project Management, University of Sydney, Australia, and a former academic guest at ETH Zürich, Switzerland. He has broad research interests in projects, technological innovation, digital delivery and digital twins, infrastructure systems engineering, industrialized and sustainable construction, social-technical systems, construction-related ethics and safety, which have been recognized in leading journals and books in the field. He is devoted to independent, collaborative, industry-engaged, policy-informed, and future-oriented research. Professionally, he is a Chartered Engineer, an elected Fellow of Chartered Institution of Highways and Transport, a CIC-Certified BIM Manager, a Member of HKIE and HKIBIM. He is a proud alumnus from the first cohort of MSc in Integrated Project Delivery.

To tackle housing and health crises, and the long-standing inefficiencies of the construction sector, many governments have begun to promote modularization and digitally-enabled product platforms to deliver social and economic infrastructure. Drawing on an international case study of nine leading construction firms, I will share the findings on how firms strategize for the transition into modularization then towards platform approaches. I will also discuss the implications of emerging use of platforms to digital project delivery and project management 4.0, especially on how projects mobilize towards the innovative use of digital twins and advanced informatics.

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