Modern Architecture: Postcards

Modern Architecture: Postcards
07-Oct-2021 - 15-Nov-2021
3/F Corridor, Knowles Building (alongside KB315), The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong
“Modern Architecture: Postcards” Exhibition

The repertoire of modern architecture is expanding. Modern architecture’s aesthetic and technological project has overshadowed the other “projects,” primarily the social and the climatic. This inventory of postcards on modern architecture, collectively produced by students each describing three examples of architectural modernism through a photograph, a plan, and a piece of written text, presents the building subject as part of a simultaneously coherent yet discursive history of ideas, identities, images, places, and technologies. The postcards characterize modern architecture not only as a style or movement but a complex and contradictory history bound by key formal, theoretical, social, cultural, technological, economic, and political moments in time.

This exhibition constitutes Assignment 1 of the course ARCH2058 History and Theory of Modern Architecture taught by Dr Eunice Seng, with support from Sereypagna Pen, Putri R. Santoso, and Wan Yan.

Chen Yushan
Chiu Yeuk Tung
Chung Wing Sze Cecilia
Gong Tianshu
Ludwig A. E. Hochleitner
Hon Ming Rou
Jiao Yian
Kim Daegeun
Jennifer Lam
Sammie Ng
Sereypagna Pen
Ivan Ardian Santoso
Putri R. Santoso
Sun Ziyue
Fergal Tse Yau Wai
Wan Yan
Yau Pui Yu
Indrawan Valdy
Wang Qianhui
Zhang Yifan

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