Tony Ip

Tony Ip
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
To be held virtually via Zoom
Interactions with Nature in the City
Tony Ip
Founder of Tony Ip Green Architects Ltd

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Lecture Abstract

There has been an increasing demand for a peaceful and natural environment in urban areas, which has led to the growing trend of various green building rating schemes advocating urban greenery and human-nature interaction. In order to identify the significant elements associated with nature and effective methods of promoting human-nature interactions in a high-density urban city, two experimental public engagement projects were carried out to explore urban nature from the perspective of urban dwellers in Hong Kong. Based on the findings of thephoto-elicitation survey, trees and sky were discovered to be the two most significant elements in representing naturalness in an urban context. Another four-month public engagement project was conducted, consisting of a green education hub, urban farming, and birdwatching tours, which were held in an undesignated space under a flyover. Throughout the duration of the project, human-nature interactions were demonstrated in three layers: design for humans, design for humans with nature and design for nature.


Tony Ip, Founder of Tony Ip Green Architects Ltd., is a community-centric, sustainable design architect and urban designer. His passion and contributions to green architecture have been highly recognized by receiving Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award 2016, EcoStar Award 2014 and HKIA Young Architect Award 2010. He has demonstrated a flair for multi-disciplinary academic studies and over 18-year architecture, engineering & green professional practices in the building profession. His design and research were exhibited and presented in Venice, London, Copenhagen, Tokyo, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Tony is AP(Architect), Registered Architect(HK), Member of Hong Kong Institute of Architects, Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design and Planning Institute of Australia, Accredited Green Building Professional of BEAM Pro, LEED AP, BREEAM AP, WELL AP and HKGBC Green Building Faculty. Tony has been involved in various consultancy research studies including BEAM Plus New Buildings Major Revision, BEAM Plus Neighbourhood, BEAM Plus for Data Centre, Urban Micro-climate Design Guidebook and Energy Efficiency for Residential Buildings Study in Hong Kong. He is the Convener of BEAM Plus for Schools steering committee for BSL and Convener of Green Building Product taskforce for HKGBC.