Infrastructure Imagination: Hong Kong City Futures 1972-1988

Infrastructure Imagination: Hong Kong City Futures 1972-1988
24-Mar-2018 - 16-May-2018
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
City Gallery, 3 Edinburgh Place, Central, Hong Kong
10:00 am - 6:00 pm Daily
(Closed on Tuesdays, except May 1st)
Infrastructure Imagination:
Hong Kong City Futures 1972-1988

Public exhibition at the City Gallery, Hong Kong, from March 24 to May 16, 2018

Infrastructure Imagination showcases major infrastructure projects completed in Hong Kong between 1972 to 1988. Photographs featured in the exhibition are the work of Heather Coulson, a leading construction photographer who was commissioned to undertake many prestigious infrastructure projects in the period, including the Cross Harbour Tunnel, Mass Transit Railway, Castle Peak Power Station, Plover Cove Water Works, and other important public projects. The exhibition offers an excellent opportunity to reflect on what has been known as the golden age of construction in Hong Kong and to envision ways for building a sustainable future in the 21st century.

Free Admission

基建與想像展出香港1972至1988年間竣工的主要基建工程。展覽中的相片為香港知名工程攝影師Heather Coulson的作品。期間她獲委任承擔許多重要基建工程的攝影工作,包括紅磡海底隧道、地下鐵路、青山發電廠、船灣淡水湖以及其他重要公共工程。此展覽提供一個良好的機會去思考香港基建為人所知的黃金時代,以及設想如何建設21世紀可持續發展未來的途徑。

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Organizing Unit:
Division of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, HKU

Lead Curators:
Cecilia Chu, Dorothy Tang

Curatorial Team:
Maxime Decaudin, Sben Korsh, Christina Lo, Lillian Tam, Olive Wong

Chinese Translation:
Calvin Zhiyong Liang

Digital Media Team:
U-Vision, HKU

Associate Event: Public Symposium, Saturday, March 24, 10am – 12:30 pm 

This public symposium aims to engage built environment professionals, academics and members of the general public to discuss past and future infrastructure developments. The symposium will include short talks by Heather Coulson and several prominent professionals, who will share their insights on Hong Kong’s infrastructure legacy, followed by informal dialogues with audience.

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The Division of Landscape Architecture would like to invite you to participate in an upcoming Community Workshop focusing on Hong Kong’s infrastructure development next Saturday, April 7, 10:00-13:00, at the City Gallery, 3 Edinburgh Place, Central.

The workshop is an associate event of the exhibition, Infrastructure Imagination: Hong Kong City Futures 1972-1988, which runs from March 24 to May 16 at the City Gallery. In this workshop, members of local communities and stakeholder groups, including professionals involved with infrastructure construction, will share their memories of urban transformation in the past decades and discuss ideas of building a sustainable future for Hong Kong. For registration for the workshop, please visit:


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