“Images of Lantau” Exhibition @ PROJCT

“Images of Lantau” Exhibition @ PROJCT
13-Sep-2022 - 20-Sep-2022
PROJCT, G/F, 42 Circular Pathway, Sheung Wan Hong Kong
“Images of Lantau” Exhibition @ PROJCT

Opening Celebration 13 September 6:00 – 8:00 PM

Closing Night Event 20 September 6:00 – 8:00 PM

Other times by appointment

There is something exciting about visiting a new place. It is somewhat similar to the feeling one gets when finding a new idea. For many of us who live in the city, Lantau feels like a faraway place, with much to discover and learn. Even the most common, everyday scenes for the people who live there seem to be fresh and bright for us visitors. We may walk around the mountains and beaches all day long in the fading heat of summer, our clothes soaked through, our feet sore, our legs stiff and uncooperative as if they were sticks. Despite this, our hearts are filled with memories, and bit by bit, our pockets become full of stones, shells, and fallen leaves found on our trip, things that could have been found on a walk in our own neighborhoods. Once arriving home, we may carefully take them out and place them by the bedroom window or the edge of the desk. The next time we notice them, the leaves have wilted, the stones are covered with dust, and the shells seem to have lost some of their luster. Yet even as their existence fades gradually and their materials deteriorate, through each one of them, the experience of the trip comes back to us from our memories as if it were only yesterday. The root of new ideas, in other words, may be to pay attention to such small, trivial things. By collecting things that we would not normally pay attention to and looking back at them one by one, we may find hidden information that we never knew existed. For those of us practicing architecture, in the initial stages of design, it may be as important to look at various things freely with clear and unclouded eyes, like the fragments of memories collected on our travels. Each memory is a small part of this newly familiar land and a small part of our affection. Together all these traces comprise one larger collective image of Lantau, the beginnings of our endless possibilities for design.


Lily Zhang
Yeung Hei Marco
Law Pak Lun Parco


Kong Jining Estela
Lam Pui Hin Jason
Li Pei Li Sally
Lo Chun Yin Kelvin
Lo Puinam Preston
Shi Shun Mort
Song Qining
Sun Yuerong Rayna
Xiong Zhejian Jensen
Xu Ziying Sherry
Zhai Xinyu Jerry
Zhang Zixuan Alan