Housing Enquiries

Housing Enquiries
11-Oct-2021 - 15-Nov-2021
3/F, Knowles Building, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong
HKU Architecture Gallery @ Knowles
Housing Enquiries
BA(AS) Year 4 Exhibition

Department of Architecture
The University of Hong Kong
HKU Architecture Gallery @ Knowles

“Housing Enquiries”
BA(AS) Year 4 Exhibition

11 October (Monday) – 15 November 2021 (Monday)
3/F Corridor, Knowles Building (alongside KB319)

Housing is not a room, not a house, not a public house.
Housing is everything.
Housing is plural, not individual, yet intimate.
Housing is difficult but unapologetic.
Housing is the backbone of all cities.
Housing is global, but at the same time very local.
Housing is true urban without the ‘ism’.
Housing is sometimes failure but also success.
Housing is not only social, it transcends it.
Housing is not stereotypical.
Housing is a testimony of time.
Housing is not just about highs and lows.
Housing is experimental while educational.
Housing is learning how to juggle with scales.
Housing is multifunctional and physically hierarchical.
Housing is relative thinking.
Housing is many thresholds from public to private.
Housing is a synthesis of differences, not a segregation.
Housing is not for everyone.
Housing is fundamentally architectural.
Housing is Year 4

This exhibition presents a collection of drawings made by BA(AS) Year 4 students and selected from a three-week period of precedents’ analysis.

The next phase will take these precedents as physical sites and upgrade them with a minimum of 30% of living programme as means to create a critical dialogue between old and new.

Teaching Team: Roberto Requejo Belette, Holger Kehne, Anderson Lee, Olivier Ottevaere, and Human Wu

For enquiries, please contact Ms. Eunice Kwok at