HKU Summer Programs 2012 – Digital Practice: Hong Kong

HKU Summer Programs 2012 – Digital Practice: Hong Kong
02-Aug-2012 - 12-Aug-2012
9:30 am - 6:30 pm

HKU Summer Programs 2012 – Digital Practice: Hong Kong
Department of Architecture in Collaboration with Aedas

Date: 2 – 12 August 2012

For a successful architectural project, the efficiency of design communication and the control of information-flow are as important as the creativity of ideas. In response to the concurrent digital evolution emerging in the architectural industry world-wide, the Department of Architecture at The University of Hong Kong will host a two week intensive summer program named Digital Practice.

Led by professors from The University of Hong Kong, as well as invited practitioners with expertise in practice of cutting edge digital techniques, the program offers participants opportunities to experience applications of computational tools during different stages of an architectural project, i.e. concept design, form finding and optimization, delivery, management and communication of design information under the team-based working environment. By learning advanced computational techniques through case studies in the context of Hong Kong, participants are expected to go beyond the conventional perception of technology, considering users and tools as a feedback-based entity instead of a dichotomy. The program, which is taught in English, includes a series of evening lectures related delivered by teaching staff and invited local architects.


  • Official CPD hours accredited by HKIBIM;
  • To provide opportunities for professionals and graduates who are willing to improve their professional competence with advanced digital skills (technical workshop);
  • Computational and BIM tools to be taught;
  • Design control through making 1:1 sturcture with digital means;

Applicants who are interested to apply should have design or engineering background.
Please visit for course details and application form. Completed application form and enquiry please send to

Deadline for application is 30 June 2012.

Option A: Technique workshop, Thursday-Tuesday 2-7 August 2012, 9:30-18:30, HK$5,900
Option B: Entire course (including technique workshop, studio and digital fabrication), Thursday-Sunday 2-12 August 2012, 9:30-18:30, HK$9,500.

Tuition fee does not include flights or accommodation. Limited HKU hostel places can be applied for non-local students on first-come-first-serve basis.

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