“HELLO My Hong Kong Is …” Exhibition @ Knowles

“HELLO My Hong Kong Is …” Exhibition @ Knowles
03-Oct-2022 - 02-Dec-2022
4/F Corridor, Knowles Building, HKU
Department of Architecture
The University of Hong Kong
HKU Architecture Gallery @ Knowles
HELLO My Hong Kong Is …
BASc (Design+) Year 4 Exhibition


Date: 3 October 2022 (Monday) 11:30 am

This exhibition is a playful interpretation of a work by British photographer Nadia Lee Cohen, “HELLO My Name Is” in which the artist metamorphoses into a series of characters, creating a micro-universe for each of them, based on Americana memorabilia and pop-art iconography. Students have started the semester by selecting key objects which depict their own Hong Kong, and using said objects as the triggering devices for design proposals.

The Studio – The Island of the Day Before

The studio is inspired by the Umberto Eco novel of the same name, in which the central character is an Italian nobleman stranded on a deserted ship – although the shore is very close, Roberto is unable to swim, and is therefore stranded on the ship. The book follows him in his increasingly decaying mental state, described while focusing on Baroque-era science, metaphysics, and cosmology.

Much like Roberto, one might find oneself stranded in present day Hong Kong, an island both in a geographical sense, as well as a metaphorical one. There is a general sense of imagined nostalgia in the city, with inhabitants continuously looking back at the golden age of the city. However, there is little to no indication of what is the future of the city.

Students question what can be currently defined as genius loci in Hong Kong – what is the spirit of the place, and more importantly, what will this be in a few decades time? Using the past and current status quo of the city as a potentiator for the future, students will address this issue through the concept of healing, which will be disseminated into two types of understanding – architectural healing and social healing, with both instances enabling human and non-human life.

Studio Lead:
Lidia Ratoi

Teaching Assistant:
Clarissa Lim

Cheung Yik Hei Anson
Hemnani Bhavisha Anil
Wong Yan Shun Carson
Wong Chun Yan Oscar
Gurka Tanya Marie
Heung Tsz Kwan Winnie
Ma Matthew Tsun Tik

Image Credit: Wong Chun Yan Oscar