Fall 2013 Public Lecture Series – Jun Igarashi

Fall 2013 Public Lecture Series – Jun Igarashi
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Jun IgarashiSpeaker: Jun Igarashi

Lecture Title: Necessity of local

About the Speaker:

Jun Igarashi-san was born in Hokkaido, in 1970, established his architectural practice Jun Igarashi Architects in the small village of Saroma, northern tip of Japan, where his works are focused mainly in the local region of Hokkaido, constrast to contemporary Japanese practice of his generation.
He is the recipient of Incentive Prize of Art of Northern Voice Award (2012) and the 21st JIA Rookie of the Year Award (2010). In 2009 and 2011, he was given the Grand Prix of Japan Institute of Architecture Hokkaido Branch Residential Division.
He published two monographs “Indications of a State” (2010) and “Construction of a State” (2011), both from TOTO Publishing. He has taught at the Tohoku University, Nagoya Institute of Technology, The Olso School of Architecture and Design, and currently, at the Keio University.

Lecture Synopsis:

Under the theme of “new universality born from necessity of local.” In recent years, I have response to the “sense of distance with the Earth” – to seek the importance of the possibility of “new universality.” With possibility to extend “necessity of local” – to create a sense of proximity and connection with the earth (natural environment.)

“The kind of state that people find instinctively comfortable and one that responds to various necessities; or in other words, a comfortable place akin to the one that people instinctively selected in the natural world at the time that human beings were just beginning to become human”

– Jun Igarashi from The Construction of A State”

Additional Information:

CPD Credit Hours and AIA CES Learning Unit Hours are offered to members of the HKIA and the AIA.

This lecture is open to the general public.

The Fall 2013 Public Lecture Series are co-sponsored by “Ronald Lu & Partners (HK) Ltd.” & “Woo, Chow, Wong & Partners (HK) Ltd.” visiting lectureship in architecture.