Fall 2013 Public Lecture Series – Go Hasegawa

Fall 2013 Public Lecture Series – Go Hasegawa
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Speaker: Go Hasegawa

Lecture Title: CHIKASA

About the Speaker:20130913 Go Hasegawa Poster

Go Hasegawa is a young architect based in Tokyo who was born in 1977. He has always generated fresh relation between environment and architecture and gave residents new imagination to live by his architectural design, such as a big table in the center of house (House in Sakuradai) and various types of unique terrace (Apartment in Nerima). He graduated the Master course of Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2002, and after working at Taira Nishizawa Architects, established Go Hasegawa & Associates in 2005. Go Hasegawa has been visiting lecturer at Tokyo Institute of Technology and some other universities in Japan, and at present visiting professor at Academy of Architecture of Mendrisio, Switzerland since 2012. And has won several prizes such as Kajima prize for SD review 2005, Gold prize in residential architecture award in Tokyo in 2007, and the 24th Shinkenchiku prize. His article “Thinking, Making Architecture, Living” (LIXIL publisher, 2011), and his first monograph “Go Hasegawa Works” (TOTO publisher, 2012) has published with his first exhibition at TOTO Gallery MA in Tokyo.

Lecture Synopsis:

CHIKASA (Nearness and Similarity)
In my design process, I have always been conscious of “Local / Locus” in architecture.
My definition of “Local” in architecture is the site of the building and the client, and I like to start to think about the building from relation with them. And I hope that new building would make the environment more beautiful and rich than before. “Local” has a lot of information like history, culture, buildings, people who live that area, sunlight, sound, atmosphere, food, and so on … I hope my building would communicate with these real world as much as possible. How can we get a nearness to “Local”?

And “Locus” in architecture is also quite important thing. It has a meaning of a place of DNA, and it reminds me architectural typology for architecture. I have been conscious of architectural typology in my design, and that’s why I have focused on the architectural element in each project such as attic, patio, gap between the buildings, terrace, pilotis, and general two stories house and so on. By these elements, I try to confirm ‘where this building would be in architectural history’, so let’s say I have ever paid attention to how to connect with other buildings — both neighbors and historical buildings. This is “Locus” for me.
So I can say, I always struggle to generate two types of new distance in architecture — Nearness to “Local”, and Similarity in “Locus”. I believe, we can enrich our building more and more by dealing with both “Local” and “Locus” in architecture at the same time.

Additional Information:

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This lecture is open to the general public.

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