Fall 2013 Public Lecture Series – GLENN MURCUTT

Fall 2013 Public Lecture Series – GLENN MURCUTT
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Lecture Title: Thinking Drawing/Working Drawing- For an architecture of response, not imposition

About the Speaker:

Glenn Murcutt is a British-born Australian architect. With a history of winning many national and international awards including Alvar Aalto Medal, and AIA Gold Medal and the Pritzker Prize. He is a representative master in the contemporary architectural world. After establishing his own office in 1969, he has taken the stance of doing all design-related tasks himself, employing neither staff nor secretary, and not relying on computers. Including unbuilt projects, he has undertaken about 500 designs, focused on private houses.

He holds a professorship at the University of New South Wale, and has been a visiting professor at schools such as Yale University, University of Pennsylvania, Helsinki University of Technology, Aarhus University, and many others.

Pritzker jury: “In an age obsessed with celebrity, the glitz of our ‘starchitects’, backed by large staffs and copious public relations support, dominate the headlines. As a total contrast, Murcutt works in a one-person office on the other side of the world … yet has a waiting list of clients, so intent is he to give each project his personal best. He is an innovative architectural technician who is capable of turning his sensitivity to the environment and to locality into forthright, totally honest, non-showy works of art.”

Lecture Synopsis:

Any work of architecture that has been designed, any work of architecture that that exists or has the potential to exist, was discovered. It wasn’t
The central design issues of architecture are humans and their history and culture; space; light; how things are put together; and responsibility to the land. Good design involves an understanding of these issues and pursuing the questions they raise until you make appropriate discoveries. Architecture is a path of discovery.

In this lecture, which I have titled “Thinking Drawing/Working Drawing”. I aim to trace for you the route of my own path of discovery from my early site observations and responses, through to the resolution of my discoveries in the completed works.

Additional Information:

CPD Credit Hours and AIA CES Learning Unit Hours are offered to members of the HKIA and the AIA.

This lecture is open to the general public.

The Fall 2013 Public Lecture Series are co-sponsored by “Ronald Lu & Partners (HK) Ltd.” & “Woo, Chow, Wong & Partners (HK) Ltd.” visiting lectureship in architecture.