Public Lecture Series

Eyal Weizman + Tao Zhu

Eyal Weizman + Tao Zhu
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
To be held virtually via Zoom
ZOOMIN: Visiting Professor Talks
@HKU Architecture
Counter Investigations
Eyal Weizman + Tao Zhu

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Forensic Architecture is both the name of the agency established in 2010, and a form of investigative practice into state violence and human rights violations that traverses architectural, journalistic and legal fields, and shifts between critical reflections and tactical interventions. Grounded in the use of architecture as an analytic device, Forensic Architecture has in recent years developed a host of new evidentiary methods that respond to our changing media landscape – exemplified in the widespread availability of digital recording equipment, satellite imaging and platforms for data sharing – and propose new modes of open-source, citizen-led evidence gathering and activism. Forensic Architecture has worked closely with communities a­ffected by acts of social and political violence, alongside NGOs, human rights groups, activists, and media organisations. Their investigations have provided decisive evidence in a number of legal cases, and contested accounts given by state authorities, leading to military, parliamentary and UN inquiries.

Lecture Abstract

Counter Investigations presents a selection of recent investigations undertaken by the agency into incidents occurring in di­fferent contexts worldwide. In parallel, the lecture outlines concepts that raise related historical, theoretical and technological questions.

ZOOMIN: Visiting Professor Talks @ HKU Architecture

ZOOMIN, an online lecture series organized by the Department of Architecture, HKU, explores a new way of idea exchanges amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the spring of 2020, five distinguished international architects are invited as Visiting Professors to teach at HKU. Since mid-January, they all have been managing to overcome tremendous challenges to teach and communicate with HKU students via internet, from their own home-bases in London, Ljubljana, New York and Asunción. Now this program invites each of them to give a public lecture, via Zoom.

Speakers will share with the HKU community and the general public their architectural thinking and works. After each talk, a HKU professor will open a dialogue with the speaker, to discuss how the current pandemic is impacting our working, living and thinking, and how architecture can confront the dire social and environmental crisis alike.

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