Jian ZUO

Jian ZUO
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
To be held virtually via Zoom
Effectiveness of Solid Waste Management Policies in Australia: An Exploratory Study
Prof. Jian ZUO
Professor, School of Architecture and Built Environment, The University of Adelaide

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Many countries have attempted to manage the local solid waste via policies as one of the main means to improve the recycling rate. However, it is difficult to measure the effectiveness of policies due to complex social environment or high requirements of data collection. The repeated measures analysis of variance method is innovatively employed in this study to analyze the effectiveness of Australia’s solid waste policy. This study revealed that repeated measures analysis of variance can effectively assess the effectiveness of policies with different start times. This method has low data requirements and is beneficial for assessing policies with complex conditions. Using Australia as an example, the effectiveness of four waste recycling policies was analyzed in this study. The results showed that regions with combination policies outperform in improving solid waste recycling rates. By contrast, regions without any policy implementation showed a declining trajectory in recycling rates.

Prof. Jian Zuo is a Professor in Sustainable Construction at the School of Architecture and Built Environment, The University of Adelaide. His main research interests are related to sustainable built environment via both technical (e.g. smart technologies) and managerial (e.g. policy intervention and behavioural change) means. In particular, he has undertaken extensive research in construction and demolition waste recycling and management. As the lead researcher, he has involved in a series of competitive grants in Australia such as Discovery Projects and Linkage Projects funded by the Australian Research Council as well as many other national key projects. He has long been engaged in the study of ecological towns, green buildings and sustainable development of the construction industry. Published more than 100 papers in top journals, including more than 80 journal papers indexed by SCI and SSCI, Google Scholar indexed more than 15,000, and the H-index is 67.

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