“BIG FOREST, small forests” Exhibition @ PMQ

“BIG FOREST, small forests” Exhibition @ PMQ
26-Aug-2022 - 17-Sep-2022
10:00 am - 8:00 pm
S314, 3/F, Staunton (Block A), PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong
“BIG FOREST, small forests” Exhibition @ PMQ

BIG FOREST, small forestsThere are many human-made elements scattered throughout our cities. Not only architecture and infrastructure, but also landscapes are in fact artificially made, and all produced through design. So what does a designer do first when working on a project? These days, very often the initial step involves turning on your computer. You gather some drawings representing typical trees and plants, perhaps ones that you’ve never even seen before in reality, and place them on the drawing board in the pattern of what you think composes a garden, a park, or a city landscape.

Somehow, this series of actions completes the designer’s work, relying solely on the sense of sight and graphic arrangement while maintaining distance from the actual living entities of nature.

So, what does nature provide us? In fact, nature itself does not offer only us humans anything in particular. Instead, we react to and form a part of the earth’s embedded cycles. We naturally rely on all our senses, in addition to sight, in our everyday lives, yet for some reason we do not routinely utilize these senses for design. If we broaden our awareness, we realize that the information we see with our eyes, today frequently obtained from the computer screen, compared to the input we hear from our ears may be completely different, just as when we touch and smell something, we may also wish to experience how the taste corresponds.

This exhibition explores the possibilities of designing new landscapes from such a natural, immediate, and sensorial point of view.  Rather than relying solely on the visual and producing work that remains only at the level of drawing, students spend time outdoors and around the city to observe and collect various little plants that are often overlooked, such as common weeds. With these plants that compose our everyday environment, students consider their own landscape design potential based on firsthand experiences and discoveries, such as color, scale, scent, texture, growth patterns, and originating locales.

Through these new and classic methodologies, first-year PDLA students expand their understanding of Hong Kong’s day-to-day surroundings and inherent values to create their own new small landscape designs.


Lily Zhang
Wataru Shinji

Exhibition Assistants

Law Pak Lun Parco
Yeung Hei Marco


Ban Han
Bao Shutong Bonnie
Cheng Tsz Ho Dave
Ho Chi Chung Terry
Lei Yanqing Ayla
Li Huanyang MuTsing
Li Sze Yin Anna
Lim Wing Kwan Tanya
Tin Yun Yue Tina
Sun Xiaofei Kathy
Yu Kaixin Kyle
Yu Yik Hei Josh

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