Anton Garcia-Abril

Anton Garcia-Abril
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Speaker: Anton García-Abril
Lecture Title: Big Bang!

About the Speaker:
Anton García-Abril, (Madrid, 1969) is a European PhD Architect, International Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects 2013, full-professor at the School of Architecture and Planning of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.), and he is currently developing a second doctoral thesis about “Stressed Mass” at the School of Civil Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Barcelona. He has been associate professor at the School of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (E.T.S.A.M.-U.P.M.) for a decade, invited professor at the Graduate School of Design of Harvard University in 2010 and Cornell University in 2008, and visiting critic and lecturer in different universities and institutions in America and Europe. In 2000 he establishes ENSAMBLE STUDIO, a cross-functional team with a solid research background, that he leads together with his partner Debora Mesa. engaging in the study of the urban phenomenon together with his partner Debora Mesa.
Antón García-Abril and Débora Mesa are architects and principals of Ensamble Studio, a multidisciplinary team founded in 2000 on the lookout for new approaches to architectural and urban space, and the technologies that build them. Their built projects are exposed structures that explore the essence of materials to create space. Among the studio’s most relevant completed works are Hemeroscopium House
and Reader’s House (Madrid, Spain), Martemar House (Malaga, Spain), Music Studies Center and SGAE Central Office (Santiago de Compostela, Spain), The Truffle (Costa da Morte, Spain); Museum of Mesoamerican Art (Salamanca, Spain); and more recently, Cervantes Theater (Mexico City).

Lecture Synopsis:
Ensamble Studio develops its work at different levels and scales, learning from other disciplines and rereading history. From the very beginning of each project, the construction process is ingrained in the conceptual phase, so that design and constructive logic are perfectly matched with a humanistic vision that takes into account what society needs. We design the construction process as we design the concept of each project, with total freedom. We go to the origin of industrial processes to learn where materials come from and how are they transformed, and this way we can explore their possibilities beyond standard or conventional solutions.

This lecture shows the most important built projects of Ensamble Studio and the recent research done in collaboration with MIT POPlab.

This lecture is open to the general public.

The Spring 2014 Public Lecture Series are co-sponsored by “Ronald Lu & Partners (HK) Ltd.” & “Woo, Chow, Wong & Partners (HK) Ltd.” visiting lectureship in architecture.